Men’s belt “Golden Eagle”. Cheaper nowhere.

Punched quite neatly Therefore, the belt is my daily accessory. Instead of unscrewing the bolt, you will have to cut the threads and then sew them on again.
I rarely wear trousers , I mainly use a few more pairs of jeans, but they just use artificial leather belts, which periodically become unusable.
On the reverse side it is tied with a metal clip Suede-like sanding on the reverse side. But it still ends.

Men’s belt "Golden Eagle".
Two belt loops. Buying a leather belt for each pair of trousers is quite expensive, and since these are not basic clothes, the resource of synthetic belts is enough. Made of metal, painted black. One is sewn to the buckle Looking for a replacement for another such worn-out belt in local stores, I was unpleasantly surprised by the prices for such low-grade belts. just with threads.
For a couple of months of periodic (not daily) wear, there are no signs of wear (dents, cracks, delamination) on the belt yet Cheaper than 500 rubles is nothing particularly terrible and no. Let’s check. The actual length of the belt to the buckle was 115 cm In one of them they bought a cool leather belt. It was a wide Wrangler leather belt, which probably could have been worn to this day if I had not shortened it to fit my then skinny body in my youth.
On the product page they declare the length of the belt tape is 117 cm with a width of 3.5 cm.
The structure of the outer side of the tape resembles the knitting of a textile belt < br /> We don’t have any dress code at work, so I wear it in jeans every day and for several years (I don’t remember exactly, but more than five for sure) its appearance has suffered very little By the way, the strap for the buckle looks more like eco-leather, it has a fabric base on the inside. Cheaper nowhere.

Since then, I have bought various belts, mostly made of artificial leather, which served for several years and were thrown away. It is made of real leather, softer and thinner than the Colins belt, but still very durable and wear-resistant.
The width is slightly less than 3.4 cm. , the length of this belt is quite enough
The belt buckle has a classic frame shape with one tongue. Until I got a belt brought by relatives from some tour with a visit to the monasteries.
And the second one moves freely along the belt
It’s possible to shorten it, but not as easy as the instructions describe. I can’t wear pants/jeans without a belt or with suspenders, it’s not comfortable. There are only 5 holes, they are closer to the tip of the belt I bought the best belt for jeans back in my student years.
I think that 3 -5 years of such operation it should

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