Portable 12×30 Retractable Monocular – Visionking 12×30 spyglass July 28, 2022 – Posted in: ads

Package weight: 0.322KG multiplicity around 8 (x8). Prism System – Roof

The monocular is placed in this metal jar.
The pipe came in a black cardboard box, due to the bruising of which it is not in the photo. Also inside there are already two “instructions” (from the version of the pipe 12×30 and 25×30) – there is no sense from which. Nevertheless, in fact, the inscriptions on the red plate are visible through the pipe. In view of their low quality, there is little sense from them either. It’s easier and more effective to wipe the lenses with a cotton cloth or, at worst, with a handkerchief. Easily fits in a pocket, etc. Product size (L x W x H): 4.2 x 4.2 x 12.5 cm / 1.7 x 1.7 x 4.9 inches I wanted to get some compact hiking and tourist optics (monocular), and just a "toy". Focusing on an object is carried out by sliding the pipe knees along the axis of the pipe itself (Sliding Focusing). Amplification Factor: 12 Close Focus Distance(m) – 5 Exit Pupil (mm) – 5 Of course, not x12, but still x8 – for sorties "mini-hike" or "walk" – will do.
The spyglass itself is in a bag and a bag with strings. Or a one-eyed brother for about half a given pipe. Nevertheless, the pipe is comfortable, compact and not bad. For this amount you can find better optics.
The top of the tube is rubberized. But the price tag bites. Well, knowing the love of the Chinese to paint wild numbers on manufactured goods is quite good. In the hand lies well and reliably, the material does not smell. As a toy or "toy" – too. Coupon: Field of view: 52m / 1000m Or rather, the page of this product on the manufacturer’s website. Focus System – Sliding Focusing Exit pupil diameter: 2.5 mm Inside the box is a tube of "tin". Field Of View (m/1000m) – 140 Focusing is normal. Move with little effort, does not jam, does not hang out. Lens-objective with a diameter of 30 mm (glass, seemingly without any coating). Which is also not much. Caliber(mm) – 30 When folded, the length is only about 12.5 cm. Objective Lens (mm): 30mm The official website of the manufacturer was found. And two rags. Pay attention to the “Exit Pupil” parameter – either there is a typo on the site, or this value is still closer to reality. Prism Glass – BaK-4 In other words: x12 magnification and 30mm objective lens. Coating – Fully Multi-Coated But in this case, an increase of 12 times is out of the question. In the unfolded state – the length of the pipe is about 22 centimeters.

Portable 12×30 Retractable Monocular – Visionking 12×30 spyglass

Focusing System: Sliding Focusing What came out of it can be seen in a brief review. Magnification – 12x Perfectly catch the focus – also did not work. The choice fell on this spyglass. Product weight: 0.180 kg
The photos were taken with a phone, due to the small eye of the phone’s camera – it was problematic to match the eyepiece of the pipe with the "eye" of the phone’s camera.
They are readable. Divide the diameter of the lens-objective (in this case 30 mm) by the same "Exit Pupil" (exit pupil): 30/5 = 6 (six times, not 12 times increase is obtained)? In fact, neither the store’s website nor the manufacturer’s website lists the correct values. What you can read about at the end of the review.