QCR Q1 multifunctional player…

It may loosen over time, as it is weakly fixed. Player menu: Settings (there is a Russian language): From the ends:
Voice recorder:
Convoy S2 is, of course, an order of magnitude brighter. The first impression of the player is a big heavy brick.
Key features: Waterproof level: IPX7 From all angles: Viewing angles on the sides are good, but up and down the screen fades quickly. The volume could be done with separate buttons. Beam shape: The flashlight, when the player is on, has a quick call to the "double click" of the power button.
It was the headphones that spoiled my overall impression of this device.
I have a newer version, then they removed the non-working FM radio.
View from all sides: Don’t expect a miracle. Headphone battery: 60mAh*2 Bluetooth version: 5.0
Judging by the functionality, there is an all-in-one chip inside, like ATJ 2127, like in simple players a la BENJIE S5. Not much.
The touch control is hypersensitive.
FLAC is playing.
it gives a neutral light. Under the spoller there will be a listing of all functions.
The case is made of anodized aluminum alloy. It takes about three hours to charge: Yes, and you need to get the hang of installing the headphones themselves. Playback controls:

There are no complaints about the packaging, we learned how to do it. And the memory in the device is 4 GB, and to be more precise 3.79 GB is available from the computer. The sound (with normal headphones) is exactly at its price, approximately like that of inexpensive players, smartphones. The operation of Q1 as an external battery:
Calendar: Flashlight working time: 9 hours Device functions in pictograms:
Firmware version:
There are a couple of 18650s, similar to those in the Q32 model. Box:
In the upper end there is a flashlight with a smooth reflector.
Headphones can be connected separately to a smartphone: < br /> Wow or fail of the year?

There are no fast charging protocols. Screen savers: Transmission distance: 15-20m Headphone standby time: 90 hours Well, let’s try the player in action. Touch control – something else evil in the players, not convenient.
Illumination in comparison (MASTECH MS6612S): Charging time: 1-2 hours
Q1 dimensions: 120x48x28 mm. Below is the only mechanical power button and a pair of micro usb ports for charging and connecting to a computer and a usb mother for the player to work as an external battery.
Unfortunate fit in the ear: We will start testing the functions, oddly enough for a player, with a flashlight. BT range throughout the apartment, but with native headphones within the room. Device battery: (Q1s/Q1 3500mAh Q1Pro 6000mAh) Headphone weight: The lantern turned out https://jiji.com.gh/35-dog-houses to be quite good: The disassembly of the device is not easy, but the inside can be understood by removing the reflector of the lantern: Weight:
Stopwatch: Music playback screen:
As seen above, there is an equalizer and shuffle and repeats.
View pictures:
the player did not reach two thousand mAh … Compared to 18650 and Mrobo C8 (Amoi C50): The approximate capacity can be estimated from the results of discharging with a current of 1 A:

QCR Q1 multifunctional player with TWS headphones. On the front is a 3.5×3 cm screen and 7 backlit touch buttons. The only thing that saves this situation is that any wireless headphones (speakers) can be connected to the player: But what about wired headphones? But no way, there is no 3.5 mm port – and this is minus number 1. Output current and voltage: 5V-1.0A
1 A is given out with a large voltage drop. By the way, there is no slot for a memory card either.
aptx for lure))
E-book reading: Why experiment here? Well, why do this frog-shaped body and sound guide output without a silicone ear cushion. So they work better than with the player, with the player there are periodic fall-offs. Retractable plastic tray for storing and charging the bundled TWS headphones:
File browser: Headphones just don’t stay in the ear. Player working time: 6-9 hours Now let’s consider headphones: QCR also has inexpensive, but convenient TWS, so to speak, of the usual form.
Pedometer settings:
Internal memory:

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