TRN IM2 – bass headphones for…

I reviewed the cable many times, so no comments :) I like this cable, it is reliable.
Otherwise, everything is fine, the cable does not mike, the membrane does not click, the connectors do not hang out. The ribbon is attached to the adhesive tape, wow :):)
2Pin connector:
The filling looks like this: By the way, the IM1 has been discontinued and the IM1 Pro has been released… you know.
TFZ T2 weight for comparison: The contact is good, the cable connects and disconnects effortlessly.
I removed the frequency response: Color: blue, black The eartips haven’t changed since the V80, they are quite standard silicone ear pads, with a tight stem.
On the back there is scant information: contact details, quality certificates. Then you need to wait if you order at night or in the evening – the price will not change immediately, usually within a day. The housings are made of epoxy resin. When you are redirected to the payment page (to the webmoney site), you simply close the tab and return to aliexpress. I turn on the flashlight, you can see the wires that come from the connector, you can even see the soldering.
Who is so reliable with us? Like who? Straight metal plug and metal splitter.

Next, I would advise you to change the nozzles, it is advisable to choose nozzles with the widest possible opening. Done, the seller made a discount and only now you can pay for the order. Place an order and choose one of the payment methods, let it be webmoney for example. Hello everyone! I will consider inexpensive headphones from TRN, a new version in the line – IM2. Sensitivity: 92 dB
What can I add, even without taking into account the price – everything is fine, strong cable, high-quality cases. The box has not changed, a small cardboard one. So, in this case, these nozzles affect the sound in the same way.
Last year, I spent 3 months with cheap QKZ VK1 (the same cable), nothing happened to him, although I used it for a while.
The option with or without a microphone is marked on the side, and of course the color is indicated. The earhooks are without a rod, you do not need to straighten anything, they are straight out of the box. Now in general this material (resin) is very popular. If anyone decides to order, apply my discount promo code, the total price including the discount is $17. 5. 2. Frequency range: 20-20000Hz And if you look at the reviews of their new products (X6) – everything is completely sad. Price tag: with a discount from the seller — 17$ Drip-types, caps and many other parts for electronic cigarettes are made from it.
Protrusion holding the nozzle: All photos can be enlarged! Let’s move on to sound.

Now let’s estimate the dimensions: Cases: plastic Rubbing my ear again
a certain protrusion: Impedance: 18 Ohm You can scold this box for the lack of notches for fingers, you must literally “shake out” all the contents. I’ll start with the source.
The front part was a success, overall design I liked the cases, the headphones look stylish and impressive. Overview of two-driver hybrid headphones.

It was not for nothing that I filled out the characteristics :) Go to the list of aliexpress orders, copy the number of the unpaid order and send it to the seller in the PM, Also in the PM indicate my promo code "kzndenis", indicate the price (17$) ask the seller to reduce the price.
The platform with the connector protrudes: Dynamic radiator: 8mm, rebar – ?, crossover declared

In general, they are used wherever possible, because it is cheap and cheerful. 1 dynamic driver 1 armature More recently, I reviewed the V30 version, these hybrids were also not impressed.
IM2 is lighter. For each emitter, a separate output was again made (two tubes).
The diameter of the sound guide is 5 millimeters, but where the protrusion is 5.3 I can put a minus for the coating, it is very slippery.
Here are the beauties of the case: Blue is also nothing. The manufacturer has announced a new dynamic radiator, which works better on the lower and upper bass (according to the manufacturer). 6. Foam ones make the sound "cotton", I do not recommend it.
TFZ T2, IM2, Revonext QT5: You add the product to the cart. When you try to pay again, absolutely all payment methods will be available, select the one you need.

TRN IM2 – bass headphones for the outdoors. How to get a discount: Fit blue (pictured), they were once recommended for Urbanfun Hi-Fi.
Reliability test of cases: 1.
Included are standard good old ear pads, cable, manual and warranty card. But in this photo, two tubes of each emitter are clearly visible. Cable: braided, detachable: 1.2 m, 2pin, 0.75 mm
Each plug is marked (l-r). In general, TRN is going through a crisis; after the successful V80 model, they have not got anything worthwhile.
Medium-sized cases, but due to smooth bends they sit deep , made as if by a cast of an ear. As with the first version, these hybrids don’t do well with bass/dark sources.

Type of headphones: hybrid The first version (IM1) did not impress me, I was not satisfied with the sound quality (sagging mids, buzzing bass, sharp peaks).
Tried different nozzles, including foam ones. I would strongly advise a "neutral source" of sound, be it a player or a DAC. 3.
The sound guide is made of some kind of strong metal, pay attention to the double hole. 4.

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