U21 Compact “4K” USB Powered WiFi Camera

Of these, judging by the update date, iMiniCam is the most recent and, in my opinion, has the most convenient camera control interface: < br />
The camera came in a box, reminiscent of its size and shape of a gift box for a fountain pen: A serious disadvantage is the lack of access to the camera from outside the connection https://tonaton.com/s_274-tractors network.
The microSD card slot is located on the right side: There is also an LED indicator (red – when there is no connection, blue – when the camera is online), but it is hidden inside the case and is barely visible through the ventilation slots, so it was useless to photograph it. Camera eye diameter – 1.5 cm. Thanks to its compact size, the camera can be carried even in your pocket, the presence of a built-in USB connector allows you to quickly connect it directly to the power supply, power bank or USB port of another device, and the flattened design and flexible cable allows you to embed it in various designs without resorting to serious alterations.
Camera overall length (without USB connector) – 16 cm. There are three ways to connect the camera: 1) Initial setup of the camera to work in the local network.
Based on the information in the manual, the camera supports Class 10 SD cards from 8GB to 128GB. Similar ones are sold on Aliexpress for $0.50-$0.70
The bundled card reader is the simplest – USB 2.0 and only for microSD cards. I’ll clarify right away that this camera does not have any 4K, nevertheless, the device is still worthy of attention in my opinion. The current consumed by the camera is 0.26A , and the power (measured from a smart socket) is 1.67 watts. All these applications are from the same developer, and judging by the interface, they are variants of the same thing: 3) Connecting directly to a camera operating as an access point. The camera unit itself is quite tiny. There is no LED backlight, which is to be expected https://tonaton.ug/c_arts-and-entertainment-cvs for this size.
I give a description of the application’s functionality using iMiniCam as the newest one. Main unit size (L x W x H) – 5.2 x 2.7 x 1.4 cm.
On the reverse side of the main unit there is a sticker with a pre-installed network name, it is also duplicated by a QR code for the convenience of adding a camera to the application. 2) If the camera is already connected to the local network, by scanning its data from the sticker or entering it manually, you can find it on the network and connect to the application.
The cutout on the bottom of the slot is for accessing the reset button.
Inside was the camera itself, color English-language instructions and a simple microSD card reader as a bonus. In addition, another manual is available for download on the product page in the store.
The weight of the camera is just under 24g.

U21 Compact "4K" USB Powered WiFi Camera

Flexible cable allows you to adjust the direction of the camera’s gaze: Unfortunately, I do not have an SD card larger than 32 GB, so I can reliably confirm that only such memory cards are supported. In the complete https://jiji.ng/284-ups/surge instructions for setting up and controlling the camera, the iMiniCam application is recommended, in the manual from the Banggood website, HDminicam or P2Plivecam. P2Plivecam is apparently the oldest of the three applications, because it does not have the ability to directly connect to the camera: In this case, you can then connect the camera to the local network through the settings.

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